THE owners of a Gympie home which suddenly became a car park on Tuesday afternoon were thanking their lucky stars yesterday that they weren't home at the time.

Indeed, the son who tended to "hang out" in the front room of the house which is now missing one of its walls had only just moved out the day before a learner driver accidentally drove a car in reverse from the other side of the street, across the road, across the lawn and through the front wall of the house.

"I actually moved out the day before," the son said. "That room was my gaming room. I spend a lot of my time in there and yesterday was one of my days off. Someone was looking out for us.

"We are just glad everyone is okay."

The learner driver escaped injury in the incident but his mother was reportedly taken to hospital with minor injuries caused by the car door.

EARLIER: A DRIVING lesson went horribly wrong on a Gympie street yesterday afternoon, with a learner driver reversing into the house across the road.

The house was severely damaged when the young driver allegedly hit the wrong pedal, careening the car backwards down an inclined driveway and into the front wall of the residence opposite.

The back end of the Mitsubishi sedan ended up in the front of the brick home at about 2:45pm, causing significant damage to both vehicle and house.

Nobody was home at the time.

Alarmed by the crash, neighbour John Longhurst - a retired paramedic - hurried out to see if anyone was hurt.

"I think she was just teaching him how to reverse slightly in the driveway," Mr Longhurst said.

"And that's what happened."

While the driver was able to walk away, one person was taken to hospital as a result of the accident.

"There was a casualty associated with the incident, and I do believe they were hit by the car door," a spokesman for the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service said.

"However at this stage it looks like only minor injuries."

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