Unsavoury practices 'rife' in our political system

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: In our society corruption continues to escalate at an alarming rate and politicians like Scott Morrison show little or no evidence of trying to contain it.

It has infiltrated into many our democratic and political processes so it has reached the stage where something has to be done to eliminate it.

Recent investigations have uncovered that several poiticians, senior bureaucrats and public servants are all deeply involved in many of these unsavoury practices and have acted corruptly for political or financial  benefit.

This attack on our democratic processes is continuing as many of these people try to avoid their responsibilities by blaming others for their failures.

It is easily done in a not very transparent political process.

Why do we have a political process where there is no responsibility accepted, nobody is held accountable and very few are punished for corruption?

There is a reason behind Scott Morrison trying to derail the introduction of the ICAC process.

He does not like being blamed or held accountable for his failures and lack of action.

This approach is so he can maintain his squeaky clean image to boost his political profile.

We should ensure that our political processes remain free from political exploitation and interference and we must act immediately before things get too complicated.

We desperately need a federal ICAC system to protect our political processes from corruption and political  manipulation.

We need to have a corruption-free political and electoral process to ensure that we continue to enjoy  democratic, honest and fair government.

It would boost public confidence in our political processes and restore faith in our politicians.         

Douglas Young, Silkstone

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