parking ticket
parking ticket

Unreasonable and ludicrously high parking fines in Ipswich.

On 29/6/13 I parked at the top of Roderick St in a car park that had never before been a metered park. As I only come into Ipswich from Gatton every couple of months I parked where I usually park. I looked up at the sign and saw a big 3P but without my glasses on that was about all I saw and thought nothing of it and proceeded into the doctors. 22 mins later I returned to the car to find a parking ticket. I put my glasses on and then looked at the sign again- realising I had not read it fully I thought Damn- my fault. I then read the amount of $82.50!!!! I thought I was misreading it- but no it was $82.50!!! What the???? How can a council justify such a ridiculously high amount? So I asked the council that very question via email. Graham Schultz of the council replied with this "In answer to your question regarding the amount of your fine, Council adopted a change to the parking infringement penalties at the Council Ordinary Meeting of 21 May 2013. The previous local law, which provided the penalty provisions, had not been amended since 18 September 2002. Prior to the adoption of the new penalties, benchmarking was conducted with other adjoining Local Government areas and the fine amount is consistent with those areas. penalties are set by the Local Law which has been adopted by Council. An approval process is involved in adopting a local law which involves public consultation, State Government interest checks, etc. Council can also adopt an interim local law via a gazette. Interim Local Law 2 (Parking Infringement Notice Penalty Amounts) 2013 was Gazetted on 31 May 2013.

Further information about the new Local Laws adopted by Council is available on the following link. "

I then asked which other councils nearby had also such high fine amounts. I am aware of the demographics of Ipswich and as there are many students and families finding it tough, I was hard pressed to believe that, as Graham had assured me, it had been gazetted and all people of the area had been consulted and they provided feedback etc and agreed with the amount.
I do not have a problem with paying a parking fine- my bad, I did not read the sign correctly so I'm liable for a fine- however the amount is totally ridiculous! Rodeo Drive maybe, near the Eiffel Tower- maybe too, but in Roderick St Ipswich?... I don't think so!
What do residents of Ipswich think? I'm sure very few would be able to afford such a high fine- especially as unless your infringement is over $200 you are unable to pay it off over a few weeks or a couple of pays etc.

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