Union forum will ask for commitment

THE Services Union has organised a council election forum this Thursday night at the Ipswich Knights Soccer Club.

The forum will give locals the opportunity to seek commitments from a number of candidates on achieving better outcomes for ratepayers and council employees if elected.

Secretary of The Services Union, Neil Henderson, said the union wants Ipswich to be a sustainable community in to the future.

"Unemployment in Ipswich, in the last quarter, was over 6.5 per cent with pathways to secure work hard to come by, especially for young people," he said.

"We are seeking commitments from candidates to protect existing employment conditions for all current and future employees through collective bargaining because there have been a number of issues employees have had to deal with at council."

"We know in several departments, workloads are extremely high because people have been made redundant and not replaced. Infrastructure projects have not been delivered on time because there is simply not enough staff to carry out the work," Mr Henderson said.

The outsourcing of Council's Service Centre, which The Services Union has always been in loud opposition to, has also raised another set of issues.

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