Union fear cuts at Ipswich aged care facilities

UNIONS fear the operators of two aged care facilities in Ipswich are preparing to slash nursing staff numbers.

The Queensland Nurses and Midwives' Union says it has fielded calls from distressed and exhausted staff at Ipswich's Blue Care facilities at Eastern Heights and Flinders View.

Members have reported unachievable workloads and understaffing.

Blue Care refutes this saying staff levels meet Australian averages.

"Nursing staff levels at our Ipswich residential aged care facilities have always been either above or in line with Australian aged care sector averages," a Blue Care spokesperson said.

But the QNMU was sceptical and last month accused Blue Care of outright lies following reports a 93-year-old woman lay in Blue Care's Bundaberg facility for 24-hours, before an ambulance was called.

Blue Care is Queensland's largest aged care provider.

QNMU delegate Auriel Robinson said staff at the Ipswich facilities fear the heavy workloads have impacted on patient care.

"The nurses haven't got the time to do everything so they go home at the end of the shift feeling like they haven't cared adequately for people," Ms Robinson said.

"They are short staffed all the time."

The union also claims cuts had been made across the state with fears more were on the way.

Blue Care said that's not true.

"Blue Care has no plans to reduce the number of nurses employed at either of its two residential aged care facilities in Ipswich," the spokesperson said.

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