Terrifying scenes as truck barrels towards protest on US hwy


A truck driver who ploughed into a crowd of protesters in the US has been arrested.

New footage shows several of the demonstrators clinging to the tanker as it barrels into thousands of them in Minneapolis.

As the driver tried to speed up, protesters overtook the truck and the driver stopped.

The heavy vehicle headed straight for the crowd which had taken over Interstate 35W on Sunday, marching against the death of George Floyd.

The driver was taken for treatment with minor injuries.

Footage showed the protesters swarming the cabin after the truck came to a stop, then trying to pull the driver out, running away as police arrived on scene.



Other video shows a group of men protecting the driver.

"We cannot hurt him," one man said.

"It defeats our purpose."

Other members of the crowd shouted "stop" and told the crowd to get the police.

Police have not revealed why the truck was on the closed road. It was reportedly honking its horn as it hurtled towards the crowd and did not go through any barriers.

The Minnesota State Patrol and Bureau of Criminal Apprehension have started a criminal investigation into the incident.

Department of Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington said he couldn't confirm how the driver suffered injuries.

No protesters were hit by the truck. Traffic camera video captured the crowd scattering right before the vehicle sped towards them.

The crowd had been peaceful up until that point.

TV anchors narrating the footage sounded shaken as it appeared on-screen.

"Oh my gosh, the speed at which that truck approached, and even some of the brave people attempting to slow it down," one anchor said.

All major roads into Minneapolis and St Paul have been shut for the night as authorities aim to quell the protests.

Protests have erupted for the sixth day across the US after Floyd, a 46-year-old black man, was killed in an arrest in Minneapolis last week.

A video posted on social media of the incident allegedly showed white police officer Derek Chauvin pushing down on his neck with his knee as he yelled, "I can't breathe".

Chauvin was charged with third degree murder, and three other officers present were fired.



Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo, who sacked the four officers responsible for Floyd's death, has directly addressed the man's family.

"I would say to the Floyd family that I am absolutely devastatingly sorry for their loss," he said.

"If I could do anything to bring Mr Floyd back, I would do that. I would move heaven and Earth to do that. So I'm very sorry."

It comes as protests against police brutality are continuing across the country.

The police chief told CNN on Sunday the other three officers were "complicit" in the death.

"In my mind, this was a violation of humanity," Mr Arradondo said.

"This was a violation of the oath that the majority of the men and women that put this uniform on, this goes absolutely against it. This is contrary to what we believe in."

Originally published as Unexpected reaction to truck driver

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