Unexpected business boom because of COVID-19

While most businesses were doing it tough during this year’s initial COVID-19 restrictions in Queensland, Currey Flowers in Karalee experienced an unprecedented boom in business.

Owner operator of Currey Flowers Sonia Bitmead took over operation of the farm from her parent’s who started the farm 45 years ago and said business at the farm had been busy lately.

“When it first started people and florists were a little bit unsure about where they stood regarding lockdown, everyone was cancelling orders,” Mrs Bitmead said.

“People didn’t have a lot of confidence in buying and were buying in small amounts.”

Mrs Bitmead said that while the month of March had been tough on the business by April it was booming.

“When they didn’t call lockdown on florists, they became so busy, every day for them was like Valentines Day because people they couldn’t visit their families for birthdays, births and weddings and people were sending flowers to say sorry about those things,” she said.

“On top of that when they closed the borders it meant there was an Australian wide shortage of flowers cause there wasn’t any imported products coming in.”

Mrs Bitmead said the local flower industry wasn’t able to keep up with the demand considering imported flowers had drastically reduced the number of domestic flower farms.

“In the last fifteen years we’ve gone from 300 rose growers to just under 20 in Australia,” she said.

“There was a huge Australia wide shortage and as a business owner I’ve never said no to so many people before because I just didn’t have the product.

“There was that extreme pressure that we didn’t have enough flowers.

“By Mother’s Day most florists had sold out of their stock before Mother’s Day.”

Currey Flowers grows more than 60,000 rose plants and 15,000 gerberas every year.

Mrs Bitmead said that during the initial tough period of COVID-19 her local community had been so supportive.

“My local community was so amazing when COVID-19 initially hit and they’ve been really supportive and they came and bough flowers,” she said.

“The community when I needed them have been amazing.”

To find out more about Currey Flowers visit www.curreyflowers.com.au

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