Graffiti spruiking fighting the patriarchy.
Graffiti spruiking fighting the patriarchy. WIkipedia Commons

Two major parties not addressing real problems

A VOTE for either of the two major parties is a vote for the entrenched patriarchy.

Nothing changes and the status quo is maintained for another three years.

If they both can promise to spend millions of dollars on resurrected or invented ventures, why haven't they invested in these particular targets in the past? Why now suddenly do they have the resources when Rome is burning and the deficit continues to attract insurmountable interest?

Putting future generations of Australians in even greater debt is ludicrous. Spending, when we are in a historical deficit, as any householder will attest, is lunacy. The growing range of Independents are the real representatives of their communities, ready to address local issues affecting their constituents.

It will be an interesting race for the Senate, as the two major parties are preferencing their choice of Independents or minor parties, while the list has 24 options.

Insensitivity to women's issues, homelessness, minor cultures, the environment and climate change, to date, will sort the sheep from the goats. These are real issues affecting the marginalised, ignored by the incumbent.

To repeatedly ignore economic disadvantage and hand a free pass to the wealthy elite for tax avoidance strategies has created a class system which politicians have no power or will to address.



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