LETTERS: Turnbull must address health

OVER the last few weeks we have seen a change to a new Prime Minister.

He seems to have improved the public appeal of his party, but very little has changed for the common people.

He has adopted most of the policies of his predecessor, so I suppose that means nothing much will change anyway.

Our political system definitely needs a comprehensive and in-depth overhaul to fix it up.

The government has really stagnated, endemic political corruption still exists, and the health system is under extreme pressure.

Something has to change, and quickly.

Recent events have made me question why I still contribute to private health insurance.

My wife was ill a few days ago so medical attention was sought.

The first stop was the local GP, but they were fully booked out.

The second stop was St Andrew's Private Hospital, but there was no doctor available and the hospital was at capacity.

The third stop was Ipswich Hospital.

After about three-and-a-half hours waiting, we were attended to by caring, competent doctors and staff.

Admission was recommended for overnight observation but this process could not be completed because the hospital was full to capacity - so we were sent home.

What is happening to our health system?

This is a city of close to 190,000 people, but it appears that our healthcare system cannot cope.

Something has to change.

A strong, viable, efficient healthcare system is one of the positive signs of a fair, compassionate government that supports and cares for its people.

The health system must be one of the government's largest single budget allocations, so why is it plagued by cost overruns, staff shortages, cost cutting, bed and ward closures and other restrictions?

Is the cause political incompetence, mismanagement, waste, lack of funds or is the money siphoned off to support more politically beneficial projects?

How do they account for all the financial problems they constantly have?

Someone must be able to answer these questions and provide solutions to all these ongoing events.

When are politicians going to stand up and change the health system for the better?



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