Councillor Paul Tully
Councillor Paul Tully Sarah Harvey

Tully still keen after 37 years in the game

AFTER 37 years in the game Cr Paul Tully was as excited as any of the candidates when he attended the recent ballot draw for Division 2.

His opponent Declan McCallion drew top spot on the ballot, but Cr Tully was not perturbed.

The QT got a history lesson on election draws, and why Cr Tully is used to being towards the bottom on the ballot paper.

But after 11 elections and 37 years in the job, it has not been a problem before.

"Some people put a lot of importance on the position on the ballot paper, but when it is a two-horse race like mine it doesn't matter," Cr Tully grinned.

"It is whether you are first or second on the night.

""It is always a pretty exciting time, with the envelopes going into the hat and the old Aussie way of selecting the ballot paper.

"But when I was first elected it was by surname, and not by draw.

"So if you had a name like Tully you were always last on the ballot paper, because the conservatives would always get someone whose surname started with A, B, C or D to be high up on the ballot paper."

Cr Tully, an embracer of new technology, broadcast the election draw on live video streaming app Periscope.

"This is probably a world first, where an election draw is broadcast live to the world," he said.

Cr Tully is looking ahead, not behind, and has a lot more to do as a councillor.

"This is 12 elections now," he said.

"It is second nature, and I am in it to win it as they say.

"Ipswich is a growing city and we are going to hit 200,000 people next year.

"There is a lot to do on infrastructure, community facilities, on the environment and development in the area.

"We are in an exciting era for Ipswich with the population set to double in the next 20 years.

"This is a great time to be a public representative."

Mr McCallion, contesting his first election, hails from Derry in Northern Ireland and is a father of five who immigrated to Australia in 1986.

He said his family had lived in Ipswich for 30 years.

He acknowledged he was up against a seasoned campaigner.

"Cr Tully is a man with experience. What can one say? He's an icon," Mr McCallion said.

"But there has to come a time when change is inevitable, and there is certainly an air of that across the whole of Ipswich at the minute.

"The papers have been saying it themselves.

"Some people are talking about great, new, shiny big things. But the people I talk to don't want new things, they want the things that should have been done 30 years ago.

"I am talking about footpaths for the elderly up in the older sections of the suburbs, and proper curb and channelling.

"It is the stuff that people rattle on about.

"I am not using the word neglected, but as we are a growing area it is always a good idea to come back and revisit the older areas while we are getting caught up in the hype of development.

"We need to make sure the people in those areas are happy with the outcomes they are getting from government, and if not we need to put plans in place."

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