Tully promises dump vouchers if elected

MAYORAL election candidate Paul Tully has promised to introduce dump vouchers for Ipswich residents, if elected on August 19.

With Ipswich City Council dump fees a hot topic leading up to the by-election, Cr Tully says he has listened to the people of the city in deciding to take a lead from Logan City Council, which distributes four vouchers to use transfer stations each financial year.

One of Cr Tully's opponents in the campaign, Dallas Klass, has also previously promised to bring in dump vouchers if elected.

"This is one of the overwhelming things I've heard people talk about," Cr Tully said.

"My proposal is to replicate what they do in Logan, which is four vouchers a year that will include all residents of Ipswich - not just rate payers."

Cr Tully said while he did not expect a huge take-up rate, he believed the scheme would have a positive effect on problems like illegal dumping and reducing the strain on the curbside clean-up service.

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He said the council would look to find efficiencies in the operation of the Riverview dump in order to absorb the cost of producing and distributing the vouchers.

Ratepayers would receive their vouchers with the rates notice, while renters would be part of a separate mail-out.

Cr Tully said he hoped Ipswich City Council could find a way to keep the current dump fee of $12 on hold.

"That would be something we'd have to look at towards the end of the next financial year," he said.

"If we can find efficiencies we may be able to hold the cost for another year."

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