Tully not assisting efforts to wind up $200,000 fund

SACKED councillor Paul Tully's efforts to wind-up a fund with almost $200,000 still in it, of which he is the president, has been labelled as "non-existent".

The QT understands Mr Tully, who is attempting to make a political comeback this month, is still the president of the Ipswich Community Charity Fund Inc, which was set up to aid victims of natural disasters in 2005.

There is still $194,447 in the fund.

The QT has tried to contact Mr Tully for comment on multiple occasions but he has not responded, including for this story.

Speaking to ABC radio, Mr Tully would not confirm whether he was still president of the fund.

"I was (president of the fund)," he said.

"Council has all the records. I don't have the records. I don't know what bank it is. I'm not involved in it. I certainly don't have an account of $200,000 that I can personally access today.

"The council has the records; you'll need to ask them."

Disgraced former mayor Paul Pisasale presided over three separate community and charitable funds, including the Ipswich Community Charity Fund Inc, the City of Ipswich Community Fund Ltd and Ipswich Carols by Candlelight Fund Inc.

The funds are not controlled entities of the council but membership has previously included council affiliated and private individuals.

Councillors, executives and council officers who served as members did so in a private capacity.

The council's administrative and accounting support for the three funds has historically been provided by council officers.

The council has no obligation to provide administrative and accounting support to these funds and its only association with the funds is based on certain members being either former councillors or former employees of council.

Council officers do not have any authority to act in any capacity on behalf of the funds and are totally reliant on instructions and approvals from the members.

In efforts to wind the Ipswich Community Charity Fund Inc down, council officers have only been able to communicate with Mr Tully in his position as president, with his responses to request for instructions or actions described as "incomplete".

The fund is at risk of being closed by external regulators due to noncompliance on matters which can only be dealt with by its members.

Mr Tully has never been charged by the Crime and Corruption Commission.

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