READY: Deputy Mayor Paul Tully arrives for the CCC hearing.
READY: Deputy Mayor Paul Tully arrives for the CCC hearing. DAN PELED

Deputy mayor grilled over Goodna Community Fund

DEPUTY Mayor Paul Tully was questioned by the CCC yesterday over his use of the Goodna Community Fund in the 2016 election, which received $6000 in election donations.

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Cr Tully told the Crime and Corruption Commission hearing that in hindsight the donations should have gone into the dedicated account which he had established for election matters.

But he stressed that all funds that had been donated since 2008 into the fund for community purposes had been used for that purpose.

Cr Tully established the fund was not an official charity or corporation, but a bank account managed by himself and his wife Liza.

"It is a dedicated fund that was set up in 2008 after a house fire in Goodna when a three-year-old boy died," he told the CCC.

"It has been used on four occasions over the years for small donations averaging no more than $500.

"At various occasions in the last nine or 10 years it has been indicated to people how they could pay money into that fund for, not for election purposes, but community purposes."

Cr Tully confirmed that the fund, which has also assisted flood and fire victims, was also used to receive three election donations in 2016.

Cr Tully told the CCC that of the $6000 in election donations only $3584 was spent on the campaign, and that the rest remains in the fund.

In his evidence, Cr Tully said election donations were spent on the campaign and that no other money in the fund was spent on the election.

He confirmed there were three payments made from the fund to a printing company at Laidley for campaign expenditures and a payment to Cr David Morrison for how-to-vote card printing costs for a shared card.

The fund received three election donations of $2000 each from S Haddad, Manos Projects and JJ Investment Trust.

Counsel assisting the CCC, Glen Rice, confirmed that the $6000 was declared in the third party disclosure by the fund.

When establishing Cr Tully's rationale for starting the account, Mr Rice asked:

"Do I understand correctly that you and your wife decided to use this account in the name of the Goodna Community Fund, acting on what you understood advice to be from Joan Sheldon that you should distance yourself from donations."

Ipswich mayor Paul Pisasale.
Ipswich mayor Paul Pisasale. David Nielsen

Cr Tully confirmed that was his intention after receiving advice from Ms Sheldon, the ethics advisor to the Local Government Association.

Mr Rice asked Cr Tully whether he should have run a dedicated campaign account for the expenditures.

"On reflection I accept that would have been a smarter, better and cleaner way of doing it," Cr Tully said.

"But all monies received into that account have been declared and all expenditures declared."

Cr Tully said the remaining funds for election purposes would be transferred into a dedicated account for the 2020 election.

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