Snoopy and Meggie went missing in December.
Snoopy and Meggie went missing in December. Contributed

Tully family pleads: where are Snoopy and Meggsie?

MUCH-LOVED PETS: James and John Paul Tully hope to find their dogs after they went missing on December 20.
MUCH-LOVED PETS: James and John Paul Tully hope to find their dogs after they went missing on December 20. Sarah Harvey

SNOOPY and Meggsie survived the 2011 floods in dramatic circumstances, but now these two beloved family pets are missing due to the thoughtless actions of some hoodlums.

Snoopy and Meggsie are border collie/kelpie crosses that are much-loved by the Tully family, including John Paul, 14, and James, 12.

Cr Paul Tully saved the two dogs in dramatic fashion on the night the 2011 floods engulfed his Goodna home.

But when the Tully family returned from a holiday in the Philippines recently, they discovered that hoons had let the two dogs out of the Redbank home where they were staying with a dog-loving family friend.

Snoopy has a white stripe down his nose with black markings on either eye while Meggsie has a distinctive black patch on her left eye. Both are registered and micro-chipped.

Cr Tully feels for his sons.

"Except for some birds and a turtle, they are the only pets the boys have ever had," he said.

"They love them a lot. They have been great mates for my boys.

"While we were away a dog-loving friend looked after them at Redbank, a really responsible person. Some hoons had come along in the middle of the night causing problems. He'd spoken to them, and the next morning he got up and the gate was open and the dogs had got out.

"We've checked the council pound, the RSPCA, the lost pets website and we've had 28,000 hits on my Facebook page from people looking across Ipswich and Brisbane for Meggsie and Snoopy."

John Paul said it was "empty" at home without Meggsie and Snoopy.

"We are devastated that the dogs are gone," he said.

"We play with them and take them to the dog parks. They mean a lot to us."

The dogs are survivors. On the night of the 2011 floods, Cr Tully left his house at 5pm, and at 8.30pm a neighbour called to tell him to return because there was two or three metres of water around the house.

The Brisbane River had broken its banks and Cr Tully was able to hop in a tinnie with another man and make his way home.

"We had to duck under the railway line because the water was so high that if we hadn't we would have hit the underside of the railway line," he said.

"Then we went down past the Goodna RSL. It was quite surreal navigating the streets of Goodna in a boat rather than a car. The house had metal gates and there was a lock at the bottom. I had to dive down to the bottom of the water with the key in my hand to open it ... to go up to the house where the dogs were in another locked yard."

Once again Cr Tully, aka Aquaboy, dove down to the depths of the water to unlock another two-metre high gate.

"I thought the dogs were dead by this stage and I whistled and whistled.

"Meggsie was the first one to come out. She emerged out of the water like a seal. I put her in the tinnie ... and then Snoopy followed 15 seconds later. I spoke to a vet afterwards and we think that as the floodwaters were rising, they were going up and up in the strong branches of some lillipillies.

"This was highly emotional for me because I went back there and saw my house being slowly destroyed by flood waters. The boys were overseas with their mum ... and it wasn't until later that I was able to ring them and say that I'd been able to save the dogs. It was a really emotional phone call.

"They have survived the flood, but may not have survived the hoons of Redbank. But there is a chance they can be found.

"They don't like being caught or locked up. It would be very hard to catch them, unless someone was feeding them."

Cr Tully would love to hear from anyone with news on the dogs.

Phone 3818 6900 or contact him at

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