Lawrence Springborg
Lawrence Springborg

Truth needed from LNP not cheap shots

JUST who in the LNP is telling the truth about the rising trend in business confidence in Queensland?

A series of reputable surveys and hard data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show confidence levels among business operators and investors have risen under the Palaszczuk Government.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull confirmed that recently in Federal Parliament when he cited the latest National Australia Bank survey on business confidence and said: "Business confidence is highest in Queensland, followed by Tasmania and New South Wales."

This directly contradicts his LNP colleagues in Queensland who are now in their fourth year of talking down Queensland.

We can all remember when they were in office how they spruiked daily economic scare stories to justify their one and only policy of asset sales.

Every piece of good economic news is twisted into bad news by Lawrence Springborg and the LNP and used as part of their deliberate campaign to damage and drag down confidence.

That sort of short-term and deceitful point-scoring shows the simply can't be trusted with Queensland's future.

CURTIS PITT, Treasurer of Queensland


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