Trainer key to success

I'M often asked, as are many people involved with greyhound racing, "what's the best way to obtain a greyhound to race?''

There are two main answers.

You could buy a puppy, rear it yourself, or if you don't have facilities, have it reared at a property that specialises in that service. You could either train the dog yourself or engage the services of what's called a public trainer.

Alternatively, you could purchase a greyhound that is already racing.

Dollarwise, the end result would normally be about the same.

You could buy a well-bred pup for hundreds of dollars as opposed to thousands.

By the time that pup grows, is educated and starts racing, your investment would be three or four thousand dollars.

You then hope to get that back, plus more, when the greyhound starts racing.

Buying a greyhound that is already racing gets you going straight away, rather than waiting about 18 months for the pup to grow up. But it's not straightforward.

If someone is prepared to sell a racing dog cheaply, it's reasonable to assume its ability is limited.

Stretch your budget to, say, $4000 and you might get a decent performer from somebody who needs to sell quickly for whatever reason.

So what's my answer?

I've tried the breeding and buying of pups, then the long wait only to be disappointed in the lack of ability.

There are no rules or guarantees.

I would ask a professional trainer to look for a tried performer that could possibly be improved in a different training environment. Or to put it bluntly, go better under a more successful trainer.

There are lots of people who have bred and reared puppies most successfully.

If you think buying a pup is the way to go, this year's Ipswich Magical Puppy Auction, to be held on the last weekend in October, is a good way to go.

Second nominations for this year's auction close on July 26.


Ekka opportunity

THERE is a greyhound section at next month's Brisbane Show, or the "Ekka'' as it is so commonly called. The date is Sunday, August 11.

Entries close today. There is some handy prizemoney on offer, as well as being a fun thing in which to participate.

There are various sections from puppies to retired veterans.

Go to for further details.


Tipping bad day

LET me share a comedy of errors which nearly had a happy ending.

For Tuesday's Ipswich meeting, I sent through my tips to every TAB around Australia, Sky Channel and other outlets, as per usual.

In race six, I meant to tip number five, Frosty Jay Jay, but by mistake typed in number six, a dog named Ropeley Jet.

A friend phoned to ask why I had not tipped Frosty Jay Jay to run a place, and had made Ropeley Jet the best bet of the day.

I said I had not done that, but upon checking the TAB site, there was Ropeley Jet shown as a special and Frosty Jay Jay Jay not tipped to run a place.

I contacted TAB headquarters and asked for the tips to be changed. However, in another mistake, I said change race five, not race six.

Clearly, I was having a bad morning.

Upon checking around lunchtime that everything was now correct, it wasn't.

There were different tips in race five and Ropeley Jet still there as the top pick, and a best bet, in race six.

I phoned in this time and thought everything was sorted out. But when race five came up, the TAB screen showed the wrong tips.

Then when race six came up, the tips were wrong too.

In race five, my original tip, number four, won the race, but I received no credit because it looked as though I had tipped number five which finished third.

In race six, Frosty Jay Jay, the long odds on favourite, began slowly, struck trouble and finished third.

Ropeley Jet started at $40.40 and ran last but with Frosty Jay Jay being beaten, I didn't look a complete fool. Only a partial one.

Race six was won by Maywyn's Gift which paid $23.30. What a pity I didn't pick him by mistake.


Berrick's best

CELEBRITY tipster Berrick Barnes had another winner last week.

He placed $50 each way on Drop Jaw which romped home for a collect of exactly $200. His tally since the promotion began in March is $1499.50.

For today's twilight card at the Showgrounds, Barnes is betting $50 each way on race eight, number one Miss Lauryn.

Owner Len Antonio is hoping that Barnes is a good judge again this week.


Saturday meeting

SATURDAY night non-TAB racing will start again at the Showgrounds tomorrow week and will be held for 13 consecutive weeks.

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