Ten ads we'd rather forget

FOR every clever, informative and entertaining ad on TV, there's a hundred that make you cringe.

We all remember Mrs Marsh not for her acting, but for her condescending nature to her audience and sometimes that's what works for a brand. What she could do with chalk is etched in our minds forever.

Here's some crackers you might remember, or prefer to forget.

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Strap yourself in, this could get ugly.

Get the Lion on the line!

Tony Greig, rest his soul was the iconic voice of cricket, which of course transfers into life insurance. Right? Not only is this ad so poorly edited it cuts Tony off in mid sentence, but the clever use of a high tech whiteboard makes you wonder just exactly who the target audience is. While this ad is pretty dodgy, it's a Meryl Streep oscar-winning effort compared to the insurance ads you'll catch during daytime TV.

Of particular note is the fact he's signing something and handing it to someone without even looking at them. Wow, that insurance sales man type person must be REALLY important. 


Frank Walker from National Tiles

"Helllooooooooooooooo. Frank Walker from Nash-Null-Tiiiiiiiles!"

If you've listened to radio in Brisbane anytime in the last two decades then you know Frank Walker from National Tiles. The good news is, now you can dance to the best of Frank with this great remix! You know you want to….turn it up to eleven and dance, dance, dance with National Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiles!



"Moi herr wiz bruttle ind luffless." Ut shurr wuz Richel. Liv thit keewee iccent too brew!

Full of what you love in a shampoo ad, with extra 'hair flick' and that great line, "Ut wint hippen overnight, but ut wull hippen!"


Where the bloody hell are you?

To be honest Lara Bingle, as far away from this ad as possible.

It was the campaign designed to entice people to visit our fair shores with the line "Where the bloody hell are you?" but in all honesly left us all cringing.

Lara went on to a successful career with a short lived reality TV series and had a relationship with some bloke who played cricket and another with Aussie actor Sam Worthington. So....umm......sort of successful.

She'll probably be more remembered for that great line to a photographer in New York when she yelled "Stop video camera-ing me!" We think the word you're looking for is "filming" Lara. LOL.



No battery lasts longer!

The 'Oi Boy' in his finest hour. Just stop yelling for two seconds will you Jacko. You're doing our heads in. Gotta love the line "Energizer…it'll surprise ya!"


Souvlaki Hut

If you thought that nothing could get more wooden than a retired  AFL footballer acting in a fast food ad, then think again. This ad is so bad that it's hard to work out whose acting is worse, a poorly animated gorilla or former Carlton great Anthony Koutoufides.


Toohey's Extra Dry

Gross. Just gross. Someone in an ad agency thought it would be able to help sell more beer by having someone's tongue go on a search through city streets looking for a beer looking for quote "Satisfaction".

Why didn't the guy wake up and say "Ewwww…why does my mouth taste like dirty city streets?"


No Added Hormones!

There's jingles that work, and jingles that don't. This is a perfect example of how NOT to change the words of a song to suit your message. Normie, Normie, Normie….what WERE you thinking? As for Curtis…get back in the kitchen dude. Coles has since ruined 'Whatever You Want', 'Down Down Deeper and Down', plus 'Volare' for an entire generation of music fans. Shame on you Coles.


John Gill the Timber Man

Believe it or not, John Gill still runs these ads in the early hours of the morning on Brisbane free to air networks. Dated, sexist, immature but in a strange way, awfully brilliant.


Really? Tell me more...

There's nothing more of an insult to your intelligence when a totally scripted conversation is passed off as real. You know the ads….just turn on the TV during the day and you'll be bombarded with these staged, fake, boring and frankly ridiculous advertisements. Check out this perfect example with the King of 'I'm really interested in everything you're saying'…Mr Jono Coleman. Love his improvised line "This just gets better by the minute!" You're not fooling anyone you know Jono.


British Paints

Trust Rolf Harris? Sure can't.

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