Abbott announces new strict gun policy

GUN smugglers will be hit with a mandatory five-year jail term, under a hardline Coalition election policy, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott announced on Monday.

The policy also aims to send those caught with an illegal firearm to jail for 14 years, as well as create new "local anti-gang squads" to fight organised crime.

Mr Abbott announced the new policy in western Sydney, where numerous gun crimes have been committed in recent months.

It would also pour $150 million into security measures in public areas as well as increased Customs screening.

But Mr Abbott did not detail who would sit on the new anti-gang squads, or whether they would involve state or federal police.

He did say a Coalition government would work with state agencies to fight crime, including efforts to get national law on serious firearm offences.

The policy also involved the creation of a new "crime and community safety council", led by police.]

A Coalition statement said the council would bring law-makers and enforcers together.

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