Annual Ipswich road toll slashed

Police officer Sergeant Paul Micallef of Ipswich Traffic Branch conducting speed checks on Warwick Road.
Police officer Sergeant Paul Micallef of Ipswich Traffic Branch conducting speed checks on Warwick Road. David Nielsen

POLICE have attributed a sharp drop in the number of Ipswich road deaths to drivers making smarter decisions and obeying the rules of the road.

As of yesterday, 11 people had died as a result of traffic crashes on roads within the Ipswich police district – eight fewer than the same time last year.

The reduction is in line with the overall drop in fatalities across the state for 2010.

While praising motorists, Ipswich traffic branch officer in charge Senior Sergeant Troy Hamilton said 11 deaths was still nothing to boast about.

“We can only hope the last month of this year is the same as last year, and that we have zero fatalities from here on in,” Snr Sgt Hamilton said.

“At the end of the day a traffic crash is the result of people making poor choices and it's that fewer people have made poor choices on the road that has led to the reduction.

“While there is a significant reduction for the Ipswich area, that is not to say that it is acceptable and there is certainly a lot more work to be done by all involved.”

Police launched their state Christmas traffic campaign in time for the six-week school break, with the aim of keeping thousands of holidaying motorists in check.

IPSWICH traffic branch's 21 officers will be assisted by general duties police in patrolling roads, conducting random breath tests and speeding, licence and vehicle checks.

“There will be a significant police presence particularly targeting that initial period when people are leaving for their holidays,” Snr Sgt Hamilton said.

“I can assure people that there will be a combination of both marked and unmarked patrols and we just need to remind everyone that we're out there for a reason – to ensure people are safe.”

Driver reviver sites will be open across the district and with fatigue recognised as one of the most common contributing factors in serious crashes, police have pleaded with motorists to take advantage of them.

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