Ipswich toddler rushed to hospital after burns

A YOUNG girl has been rushed to hospital after being burned by a heater in a home in Redbank Plains.

A Queensland Ambulance spokesperson said paramedics were called when a toddler fell onto a heater grill and suffered chest burns about 10pm.

She was transported in a stable condition to the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital.

With colder temperatures chilling the state, Children's Health Queensland is urging families to be careful around domestic heaters to avoid an unwanted trip to Emergency.

Hundreds of children each year are burned by heaters during winter.

Injuries range from first-degree superficial burns to third-degree full-thickness burns, with the hands the body part most commonly inured.

Burns specialist Professor Roy Kimble said children aged two to five were most at risk of heater burns.

"Parents must remain vigilant because young children do not realise the dangers associated with heaters," he said.

"In many cases the burns we see are a result of a child touching the grate or metal casing surrounding the heater, rather than the heating element itself."

Importantly, quick action and the correct first aid dramatically reduce the severity of a burn, Professor Kimble said

"As soon as the burn occurs, place the injured area under cool running water for 20 minutes and seek medical treatment immediately by phoning 000."

First aid for burns

  • Use cool running water on a burn for 20 minutes.
  • This will stop the burning process and cool the burn. Cool running water can be useful within three hours of a burn.
  • Call 000 or seek medical help if you are unsure.
  • Never use ice, iced water, cream, toothpaste or butter on a burn as they can make the burn worse.
  • Burn creams do not cool the burn and must not be used instead of cool running water.

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