Titanic Week for tourism floated

A MONTH after hosting one of the Sunshine Coast's premier fine dining events, Palmer Coolum Resort will be home to Irish stews and hearty jigs.

Mining billionaire Clive Palmer, who acquired the resort in a plan to build a tourism portfolio, says the first week of August will become Titanic Week to generate interest in his newest tourism venture.

Mr Palmer is launching his own international shipping line, Blue Star Line, and a 21st century version of the Titanic, to coincide with the 100-year anniversary of the original Titanic's tragic sinking in the Atlantic Ocean.

"Every restaurant at the resort will have on their menu the meals that were on the Titanic," he said.

"So you can go to the most fine dining restaurant up there and have same meal they had for breakfast in first class, the same meal for lunch and for the evening.

"We'll have restaurants that will act as the third class lounge where you'll have a nice Irish stew and a bit of a dance around in a circle."

The move comes after the resort was last weekend turned into a Chilean piazza for A Taste of Coolum.

The resort was bustling with live cooking stations and costumed Chilean dancers as visitors enjoyed fine wines and degustation dinners.

Mr Palmer said 60 people were working on drawings for the proposed ship which is expected to make its maiden voyage - with an entire section dedicated to promoting Queensland as a tourism destination - from England to North America in 2016.

Mr Palmer also said his team was now assessing how they would place the Coolum resort in the marketplace since he acquired it.

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