"Thumbs up to Ulysses MC and the riders who took my dad on his dream run in August just before he passed away. I was very proud seeing you ride past on Sunday, with Santa where dad had sat.” Ren Smith

'Tis the season to be jolly

Let's hear your thumbs up/thumbs down for this week, folks. Here's what you said on Facebook:

Marian Johnson - "Thumbs to the wonderful folk from QAS and QFS who came to our rescue the other night when our air conditioner caught fire. Calm, reassuring and professional. True heroes.”

Natasha Jayne - "Thumbs up to the firefighters. Turning up as fast as they can to every job they do. Without that, a small fire could get out of hand and before you know it people are loosing their houses or worse. These men and women see so much more then anyone should have to especially when attending to vehicle accidents. At the end of the day they are human too. Please take care on the roads.”

Kylie McLucas - "Thumbs up to the lovely young girl who bought a board game for our children to play with while we wrapped gifts for Lifeline, and to her parents for raising such a thoughtful and kind young lady.”

Kate Devereaux - "Thumbs up to the garbo driver who went out of his way and did a U-turn to come back and empty our bin, as we had put it out late. Thank you so much, such a small thing meant so much to us. Have a lovely Christmas.”

Christine Turner - "Thumbs up that we have a new shopping centre at Redbank Plains, looking forward to going to the food outlets. Thumbs down to all the bad motorists around.”

Gena O'Donohue - "Thumbs up to new town square Redbank plains.”

Tamara Sykes - "Thumbs up to having a Kinesiologist and Martial Arts Club right in the middle of Ipswich!”

Chris Fergus - "Thumbs up to Helen Youngberry and Goodna Street Life Helping Hands Centre for supporting local homeless and needy families and to Milton Dick MP for being the only local polly to attend her community Christmas party.”

Jacky Jones-Barnes - "Thumbs up to Rusty's at Hatton Vale giving drinks to drivers stuck there due to accident. Karma will repay your good deed.”

Julie Eleison - "Thumbs up for Councilor David Pahlke for fixing the chicanes in our Estate. Greatly appreciated.”

Jillene Bailey - "Thumbs up to all involved in the Ipswich Toy Run.”

Valerie Eden - "Thumbs down to all the people burgling places and stealing Christmas decorations in Ipswich.”

Narelle Sander - "Thumps down to rude customers who abuse retail workers!”

NOW HIRING: Full time, part time jobs available at Costco

premium_icon NOW HIRING: Full time, part time jobs available at Costco

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REVEALED: City cafe is No 1 in Ipswich

premium_icon REVEALED: City cafe is No 1 in Ipswich

Great coffee, great food and great service a winner with readers

Coast man fourth charged over Larissa Beilby death

premium_icon Coast man fourth charged over Larissa Beilby death

Coast man charged in connection to death of Larissa Beilby, 16.

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