Time to give fad diets the boot and keep it simple

PALEO, blood, tapeworm and five-bite diets - they're just fadulous if you want to harm yourself.

A leading academic says it's time to spice up our lives with a little common-sense.

University of Southern Queensland Biomedical Sciences professor Lindsay Brown said he was not surprised the Grains and Legumes Nutrition Council backed the Galaxy Research Healthy Diet study which surveyed 1000 Australians and found meant most of us did not know what a healthy diet was.

Prof Brown said we could learn lessons from our ancient forebears.

"We all sort of accept that ultra processed food is not the way to go," Prof Brown said.

"So go back to the whole grains, go back to the things that have been around for 5000 years - spelt and things like that.

"Get away from the idea that we must by the cheapest bread and use some of these things and experiment with them."

Prof Brown said it was time to swap social media, celebrity and fad diets with simpler options.

"You should spend an hour or two on a Sunday evening with your family and make a nice meal together," he said.

"You actually get to talk to your kids (while cooking and eating) ... this is not rocket science - this is not the most complicated concept that's ever been produced."

GLNC managing director Georgie Aley said most of those surveyed had never consulted a doctor or a dietitian about their food intake.

She said people were using quick fixes to shed weight.

"Part of the problem is the trend of the anti-expert," she said.

"People are relying on family members, chefs, personal trainers and bloggers alone for dietary advice, are following fad diets and taking extreme measures as they look for quick fixes and instant gratification."

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