Time to get in the spirit of shopping for Christmas

IT MIGHT still be October but that festive feeling spreading through shopping centres can no longer be ignored.

The silly season is upon us - whether you're ready or not.

Christmas comes but once a year but the lead-up to the day extends for weeks filled with party invitations, excursions to buy gifts and preparations for celebrating with loved ones. While some of us embrace the merriment with open arms, others seem to approach the Christmas period filled with dread.

The gift-giving process is something that seems to cause an extraordinary amount of stress.

Picking out presents for friends and family is something I have always enjoyed, partly because it's an excuse to shop.

I like to think of it as doing my bit to boost the state's economy.

But for some people the thought of selecting gifts is an onerous task that is put off until the last minute when the shopping centres are packed with customers frantically making last-minute purchases.

For those who shudder at the thought of picking presents come December, maybe the solution is to extend that festive feeling by buying gifts earlier in the year to put aside. You might even start to enjoy it.

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