OPINION: Time for council to show it cares about our pets

THE lead letter on today's Opinion page was written by my back fence neighbour.

He told me it was coming after I asked him why I hadn't seen his dog Jake running around lately.

Mike was distraught when he told me that the council had destroyed the dog and the reasons behind it. He also told me that he had suggested a solution to have the dog moved to a nearby property.

That solution, however, became a logistical nightmare because of the paperwork involved.

It is not the first time the issue of the council trying to put down a pet has been raised in this paper.

In fact the council and Cr Andrew Antoniolli figured prominently for months when they insisted on destroying Bruce the dog.

The owner fought hard to stop council and won, but he spent $40,000 doing it.

Now that is love for your dog.

The question that needs to be asked is: "has council become ruthless in regards these matters and are they acting with fairness and compassion for the people involved?".

Both matters involved a dog nipping a person standing over their owner's fence. Having seen vagrants walking through my neighbour's property I was glad to see that he had Jake around.

If having a dog to protect your property is against the law then we have a major issue with Cr Antoniolli and his team who are being accused of wanting to shoot first and ask questions later.

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