Thunder and lightning and very, very frightening

Ipswich photographer Bobby D Skidmore has shared these spectacular pics of this morning's giant electrical storm across Southeast Queensland.

Here's what he wrote in a post on QT Facebook earlier today: "Well it was an amazing night in my area and many parts of the Southeast.

"It was a very dry storm for about 40 minutes with violent and unpredictable strikes anywhere and everywhere. 

"With every second strike less than 200m from my home it was a nervous time. And when one hit even closer and blacked out everything, setting off car alarms, well that was a heart-stopper (first image). 

"My decision to stay safe at home was rewarded with these which are just a few of dozen. But these where close enough to feel in the ground the moment they hit. I wouldn't have wanted to be in that area as it seemed a hot spot."  

You can see more of his photos at