Force Files with QT basketball columnist Marney George.
Force Files with QT basketball columnist Marney George. Sarah Harvey

Force Files: Three cheers for Brandi completing magic play

"THREE points, Brandi Brown!" rang out across the stadium.

The deafening cheer erupted through the crowd, silencing the Mackay bench who just moments before had been ecstatic after inching in front by one point with 12 seconds to go.

But after a time-out by the Force, a quick thinking play by our coaches and an advancement of the ball, we had possession from our sideline for one last shot.

Although there was only 10 seconds on the clock, it felt as though time slowed down and seconds were drawn out before Brandi's shot sailed through the air, right on target.

It looked good from where I was standing on the court, and assistant coach Terry Lindeberg knew it was in before it dropped through the net. His resounding "yes'' could be heard clearly as the crowd held their breath.

Ipswich Force had won by two points with 0.5 seconds left.

We believed in ourselves, our team and we fought hard for four quarters to get the state league win.

The Ipswich men unfortunately went down to Mackay.

To their credit, they fought their way back from a double digit deficit to only go down by nine.

This weekend, the Force teams tackle the first of two double- headers in as many weeks.

We face Logan away on Saturday night, followed by Gladstone at home on Sunday.

Logan should prove an intriguing challenge with former Force players now suiting up for the opposition.

Traditionally Sunday games don't draw a huge crowd. However, it would be great to see as many people as possible supporting the Force at Ipswich stadium.

Gladstone are a tough outfit featuring an international line-up including US imports and New Zealand national players.

With our supportive home crowd willing us along, we knocked off the first of the big budget northern teams. We can do it again against Gladstone.


The council team expected to lead Ipswich forward

premium_icon The council team expected to lead Ipswich forward

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