THREATS: Andrew Vesey-Brown admits a verbal threat.
THREATS: Andrew Vesey-Brown admits a verbal threat.

WATCH: Threats to 'slit the f*** throat' of police woman

A DRUG user accused of threatening to "slit the f*** throat" of a female police sergeant had to be physically removed from a court room when he interrupted his sentencing before Gladstone magistrate Melanie Ho.

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"What's not understood is police don't respect me when they come to my house," Andrew Vesey-Brown interjected.

In an exchange he yelled at prosecutor Sergeant Barry Stevens to "keep your f*** hands off me, mate ... see this police brutality" when quickly removed from the courtroom and taken down to the cells at the order of Ms Ho.

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Just moments before Ms Ho said she was very concerned by his previous verbal threat to a (female) sergeant where he said "I'll slit your f*** throat next time I see you".

Vesey-Brown, 22, pleaded guilty to 11 offences including three counts of obstructing police, possession of drugs and utensils on June 20, wilful damage to a police vehicle, breaches of his bail, and contravening his probation order.

Ms Ho said Vesey-Brown had an issue with authority.

"What concerns me is his unacceptable behaviour toward police. Kneeing and denting a police vehicle, swearing at police," she said.

"It is fortunate officers were not injured (in previous arrests) and that he did not face more serious charges."

After Vesey-Brown was taken into custody for his "disrespectful attitude to the court and disruption of proceedings" Ms Ho again told his lawyer, Dave McHenry, the allegation in police facts of slitting the sergeant's throat was disturbing and serious.

She noted his breaches in failing to report, included leaving the state without permission to go pig shooting.

Vesey-Brown was brought back before the court two hours later and apologised, saying "sorry for my behaviour".

He said he had previously apologised to the female police sergeant.

"I do accept it's unacceptable to tell someone you are going to cut their throat," Vesey-Brown said.

Mr McHenry said he knew him since a boy and Vesey-Brown had a terrible habit of his mouth working much faster than his brain, as seen in court.

Mr McHenry said he could not explain why he had an issue with authority but there were some mental health issues.

Ms Ho said it was apparent from his criminal history he had drug issues that did not mix with medication.

"I haven't smoked weed for two weeks now. I'm trying to stop," Vesey-Brown said.

Ms Ho adjourned his sentencing as part heard and ordered a psychological report be done.

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