Blair MP Shayne Neumann.
Blair MP Shayne Neumann.

Thousands of business closures, job losses if JobKeeper ends

THOUSANDS of businesses in Ipswich may be forced to shut up shop and thousands of workers will be out of a job if JobKeeper comes to an end in two months, according to the federal Labor Party.

The ALP launched the 'Don't Cancel JobKeeper Early' website, which reveals how individual suburbs will be impacted if the program ends from analysis of Treasury data.

The scheme, which pays $1500 every fortnight to staff of eligible businesses, is due to end in September.

A look at the 4305 postcode on the site reveals up to 1,063 businesses "may be forced to close their doors" and "approximately 4,039 local workers may be forced into unemployment" if the scheme ends.

"Up to $6,059,100 could be ripped out of the local economy each and every fortnight," the website read.

"Scott Morrison and the Liberals' secret plan to cancel JobKeeper too early would mean more businesses closing down and more workers on unemployment queues right across Australia. "We need your help to stop them."

It then links to a petition.

According to the site, up to 1,373 businesses may be forced to close and 5,217 local workers may be out of a job in Springfield Central (4300 postcode).

Prime Minister Scott Morrison accused Labor of "fear mongering" in uncertain times.

Shadow Treasurer Jim Chalmers called for the Federal Government to release its review into the program, which is looking at whether it should be carried on beyond September.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg is set to announce what will come next on July 23.

Blair MP Shayne Neumann said it was essential the scheme was continued.

"Blair is more than 4305," he said.

"We're talking about more than 1000 businesses.

"It would take away more than $6 million of income out of the Ipswich region in terms of 4305 alone.

"Ipswich is a lot more than 4305. It's quite clear if the government unilaterally guillotines JobKeeper, businesses will go to the wall and workers will lose their jobs.

"I want to see it carried on. People need to sign this petition."

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