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Thongs, new drinks add to Ipswich Cup celebrations

THONGS, Corona, XXXX Island and a day free of playing sport.

How many events leave you with sore feet but feeling satisfied, and can force regular weekend games to be rescheduled?

The Ipswich Cup can.

Tonight, all the major regional football games are being staged so Ipswich Knights, Western Spirit and Ipswich City players can enjoy tomorrow's Ipswich Cup meeting.

Western Pride also had their Sunday National Premier League clash moved to tonight.

Ipswich Force men's and women's basketballers can attend tomorrow's social day of the year after playing South West Metro tonight at Booval.

Down the road at Woodend, Ipswich Rangers and Springfield play their rescheduled local rugby derby tonight so they can also have a day out at the Cup.

The Ipswich Eagles Aussie rules crew organised a bye months ago, as they have in past years.

Similarly, the Ipswich Rugby League hierarchy organised a bye round this weekend.

Some A-grade hockey games are being played tonight and on Sunday but none tomorrow.

It's a lesson regional sports administrators have learnt well. Schedule games on Ipswich Cup and risk mass forfeits.

The wonderful tradition allows everyone from different codes to unite at one venue to have fun with their friends. It's like no other party in Queensland.

That's where the thongs will be handy at the end of tomorrow's packed nine-event racing program.

Mainly for women, thongs are being sold for the first time at the Ipswich Turf Club.

Regular racegoers know the situation well. Women with aching feet carrying their high heels and looking for band-aids.

This year, the band-aids will still be in high demand. So too, should the thongs.

And what about the Corona?

Like thongs, Corona represents another initiative this year.

One of the few complaints the Ipswich Turf Club has received in recent years has been a limited choice of beverages.

That's all changed tomorrow.

Those in marques and party central in the infield will have plenty to satisfy their taste buds from international beers Corona and Heineken to Bundaberg Rum, Johnnie Walker Scotch, bourbon and vodka.

However, spare a thought for the caterer who had to cut up 12,000 slices of lime to go with the Coronas.

As you enjoy a few drinks tomorrow, look out for the popular XXXX Angels who are performing for the first time in five years.

And don't forget the Afterparty that will keep you rocking when the sun sets on another eventful Cup Day.

If you feel lucky tomorrow, enter the competition for a chance to win a trip to the famous XXXX Island.

It's like a man cave in paradise.

While the women can earn terrific prizes entering tomorrow's Fashions on the Field competition, four mates can share in an island experience of a lifetime.

Visit the XXXX Gold Container at tomorrow's Cup meeting for details how to enter.

It's these types of initiatives that preserve the Ipswich Cup's reputation as Queensland's best racing party.

While crowds in Brisbane, Toowoomba and other cities are well down for their major race days, the Ipswich Cup continues to attract thousands of racegoers.

It's the excitement, networking and chance to enjoy a few (well several) drinks that appeals to so many people.

The fussy Y-Gen are also embracing the Ipswich Cup, ensuring it has a fine future.

So accept some advice from a long-time Cup goer.

Enjoy the day, catch up with your friends and back some winners.

And don't forget to grab some thongs after a hard day partying.

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