OPINION: This is what happens when you don't listen

THE amazing comeback by the Labor Party signifies a massive shift in the way Australian's now vote.

Not so many years ago most of us were the products of how our parents brought us up.

If your dad and mum voted Liberal then that's the way you went and vice versa.

I was one of those children and for many years followed my father's lead supporting Labor.

Over the past decade I have become a swinging voter and I now find that instead of being in the minority I am now in the overwhelming majority.

Australians are now voting for the party they trust and for local members who actually listen to them rather than just tow the party line.

The press, which in the past has destroyed the chances of political parties in the lead up to elections, is also losing its bite.

The Courier-Mail ran one of the most one-sided election coverages ever seen. They talked up Campbell Newman at every chance and attempted to portray Annastacia Palaszczuk as a dowdy, out of touch politician who was better suited at home in the kitchen rather than becoming premier.

The great news for Ipswich is that we have three state members of Parliament all in the ruling party and now they will have no excuse but to deliver their promises.

Both sides now know if you treat us like fools come election day you will be the one slinking out the back door with your tail between your legs.

What will now be interesting is how the Federal Government changes its sails in the next six months because at the moment they are headed for a watery grave on the rocks.

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