Look-out to do time for aiding in knife heist

A MAN who acted as the look-out for an armed robbery of a shop attendant at Flinders View was sent to prison in Ipswich District Court yesterday.

Lee Michael Clayton was due to appear in court on Tuesday but failed to show up and was remanded in custody.

Yesterday the 29-year-old pleaded guilty to one count of armed robbery.

The court heard he stood at a roundabout and acted as the lookout for his co-accused, who robbed a 21-year-old woman at knife point on November 21 last year.

More than $2,200 was taken during the incident. It was split up and spent on alcohol and gambling on the same night but Clayton told the court he did not receive any proceeds from the crime.

"A look-out plays an important part, it gives confidence to the major players," Judge Greg Koppenol said.

"It gives principal offenders confidence their activities are not going to be interrupted.

"I know you weren't in the carpark and you didn't brandish a knife but you played a significant part."

Defence lawyer Scott Neaves said his client had been drinking at the time of the offence.

"He consumed far too much alcohol," Mr Neaves said.

The court heard Clayton told the principal offender he would only act as a lookout during the crime and "he did not intend to get involved".

Clayton was sentenced to two years jail, with parole after serving three months.

The two co-accused were sentenced to three years imprisonment with parole after six months and two and a half years imprisonment with parole after four months.

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