200 JOBS: Third Carl's Jnr opening in Ipswich

AMERICAN fast food giant Carl's Jr Burger has plans to expand their restaurant footprint even further in Ipswich.

A third restaurant is marked for a suburb outside the CBD as the company behind Carls' Jr Burger in Australia, Bansal Group, prepare to open the second restaurant in the coming months.

The Bansal Group has been tight-lipped on the exact location. 

But when it opens, more than 100 staff will be needed to operate the store. 

That's on top of the 100 needed for the West Ipswich site, expected to open in June following the US burger giant's  successful debut at Redbank Plains. 


Applications are open now for the West Ipswich store but those interested could also be considered for the third store. 

  • Keen to apply?

Email carlsjr@thebansalgroup.com.au    

Bansal Group general manager Shawn Kerr said there was 'always potential in Ipswich'.

He said it would take some time for details to be confirmed with the latest in the string of restaurants expected to enter the market in a couple of years.

Mr Kerr said the third site would not be in the Ipswich CBD but in a suburb.

Carl's Jr Burger is famous in the US for their 'big juicy American burgers'.

Carl's Jnr Burger menu options.
Carl's Jnr Burger menu options.

The growth of Carl's Jr

1940s: Young married couple Margaret and Carl Karcher spend their savings to buy a hot dog cart

1950s: A quick-service legend is born: Carl's Jr.® opens for business

1960s: Carl's Jr.® begins its commitment to a quality experience with table service, plush carpet, and music

1970s: Headquarters open in Anaheim, California, and by 1977, 5,000 people are employed in their restaurants

1980s: Carl's Jr.® introduces the legendary Western Bacon Cheeseburger

1990s: Carl's Jr.® begins edgy, irreverent advertising campaigns creating significant pop-culture buzz

2000s: Carl's Jr.® introduces the industry-leading 100 percent Black Angus Thickburger. Carl's Jr.® steps up international expansion, opening in China and Singapore, Russia, and American Samoa

2011: Carl's Jr.® opens in Costa Rica, Ecuador, New Zealand, Panama, Turkey, and Canada

2012: Carl's Jr.® opens in Thailand and Brazil

2013: Introduces Fresh Baked Buns, a QSR industry first Roark Capital acquires CKE Restaurant Holdings, Inc.

2014: Carl's Jr.® introduces the All-Natural Burger, another QSR industry first Carl's Jr.® reaches the 600th restaurant milestone

2015: Carl's Jr.® opens in Colombia, Guatemala, and India and reaches 200th restaurant milestone in Mexico

2016: Carl's Jr.® opens in Japan and in Australia, with record-breaking results CKE opens 700th international restaurant

2018: Carl's Jr opens in Redbank Plains and West Ipswich

A third Ipswich restaurant is planned for the coming years.

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