BARGAIN SHOPPER: Waylene Robinson walks free from Ipswich Courthouse after a magistrate told her she has
BARGAIN SHOPPER: Waylene Robinson walks free from Ipswich Courthouse after a magistrate told her she has "little faith" Robinson will keep her hands off other people's property. Ross Irby

Magistrate has little faith in gran's vow to stop stealing

WITH the stinging words "you're a chronic thief Ms Robinson," an Ipswich magistrate told Waylene Robinson that she has little faith the offender would stop stealing.

Magistrate Virginia Sturgess had read her police record, detailing a lengthy trail of dishonesty offences in WA and Queensland.

Waylene Anne Robinson, 40, a grandmother from Ironbark, pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to 15 offences including stealing; unlawful possession of suspected stolen property; unauthorised dealing with shop goods (fuel); and driving offences.

Defence lawyer Travis Finter said Robinson become a methadone addict at 19 after her father gave her the first injection as a teenager.

He said her offences had recently been de-escalating with Robinson taking some measures to try and get her life on track.

Ms Sturgess said her most recent stealing offence occurred May 31. She said the offences had to be viewed in context of her offending history.

"I do not believe your offending is de-escalating, or that you are on the road to a changed life Ms Robinson as you have been stealing far too long," she said.

Ms Sturgess said there were six stealing offences that included clothes worth $186 taken from K-mart in Redbank, after Robinson hid the items beneath a child in a pram; there was also $169 worth of goods from Target; and items worth $103 from Best & Less.

The court heard Robinson also stole fuel.

"You're a chronic thief Ms Robinson. You don't seem to care," Ms Sturgess said.

"You have 30 convictions for dishonesty offences since 2009."

"And well over 50 prior convictions for dishonesty.

"Prison is appropriate. The question is whether you do time, do an Intensive Corrections Order, or get parole."

Ms Sturgess told the grandmother of four that she was the last person who should be looking after children, especially is she was pushing them around in a pram which she used to conceal stolen goods.

"It's a shocking history of dishonesty, spanning three states," she said.

"I have little faith Ms Robinson that you are going to do anything about keeping your hands off other people's property."

Robinson was sentenced to nine months jail, to be served in the community as an Intensive Corrections Order. She also received lesser jail terms and fined $1000.

She must do urine tests for drugs.

"Thank you for this opportunity," said a relieved Robinson.

"The best way to thank people is don't go stealing," Ms Sturgess said.

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