There's a good book in old Pine

KERRY Brown is a journalist turned writer who believes the transformation of the Big Pineapple into a mecca for Australian motor sports fans is the perfect final chapter to a book she is writing on the 40-year history of the iconic tourist attraction.

The mum, who took a year off to look after an ill daughter, decided to turn her fascination with the attraction into a record of the history that she felt it deserved.

Her endeavour has already attracted the attention of a production company that will produce a documentary of the making of the book for the ABC.

“This is the best news the Pineapple has had for so, so, long,” she said of the takeover of the attraction by the Bowden family, of Buderim.

Kerry was producing an article on the district’s last working pineapple farmers Jean and Don Townsend when she began to become aware of the rich links the attraction had to the community.

“I went looking for a little background information and there was not much available,” she said.

“I couldn’t believe that Australia’s most iconic landmark was 39-years-old and had never had a book written about it.

“It’s an absolutely wonderful story. It’s had an amazing past.

“The farmers were all dependent on it.

“I’ve found the man who laid the train track, the train driver and Patsy Flint, from Buderim, who was a first-day employee and worked there for 22 years.

“When they talk about it there is so much happiness.”

Kerry said the September 11, 1978 fire that all but destroyed the buildings had been the making of fledgling Coast construction company Evans Harch.

She said the firm had literally been built out of the ashes of the fire, going on to be one of the region’s biggest companies.

Now she looks forward to the attraction taking on a new face with the vigorous attention of new ownership.

“This will give it a future,” she said.

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