GRANDFATHER Leon Harm's worst nightmare is coming across a fatal crash with his grandchildren in the car.

Every day for the last eight years, the Lowood man has driven his grandchildren to school at Fernvale via what he says is a notoriously dangerous stretch of road.

For four years, Mr Harm has been campaigning for a 14km stretch of Forest Hill-Fernvale Rd between Minden and Fernvale to be upgraded but the 73-year-old is starting to run out of patience.

"I have been trying to change this for nearly four years. I have written letters, I have made phone calls to the State Government and we still have an inferior road,” he said.

"Nobody will believe me, nobody will listen.

"What I am tyring to achieve is I am trying to get them to spend some money, but all they are doing is band aid jobs all the time.

"The camber falls away and if you have a bit of speed you can get into a pickle.”

Mr Harm said he predicted somebody would be killed on the road days before a double fatality earlier this month.

"I said someone is going to be killed seven days before the last fatality. When I heard, I just shook my head. I could not believe it, I was right,” he said.

"I don't want to be picking the kids up from school and come along a fatal crash with the children in the car.

"Every day when I am on that road I think it could be me.

"I go out wanting to get home safely, that's the way I look at life.

"I would not like to say how many crashes have happened.”

Mr Harm said the Department of Transport and Main Roads instructed him they would not respond to any more of his correspondence.

"I've sent probably 40 to 50 letters but phone calls would be a different thing, there must have been a couple of hundred phone calls,” he said.

Member for Lockyer Jim McDonald said the section of the road had been patched 25 times.

"Forest Hill-Fernvale Rd is definitely one of the worst roads in the region,” he said.

"Some sections are not up to current engineering standards. We need to build and engineer roads to minimise driver mistakes. There are some defects in those sections.”

Road condition monitored

A SPOKESPERSON for the Department of Main Roads said the condition of Forest Hill-Fernvale Rd was regularly monitored for safety and to identify maintenance requirements.

"We will spend $2.1million rehabilitating Forest Hill-Fernvale Rd from Reinbotts Rd to Haslingden Park Drive and from Church St to Station St, Lowood in 2019,” the spokesperson said.

"Upgrades to the state-controlled road network are prioritised to ensure funding is allocated to those works identified as being needed the most.

"When deciding where funding is spent, criteria such as traffic volumes, road geometry, the condition of the road and the crash record are all considered.

The spokesperson said the department was working closely with the Queensland Police Service in investigating the fatal crash that occurred on Forest Hill-Fernvale Rd on July 6.

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