'The word is out' on Bulls women

CHARGING AHEAD: Newly-appointed Ipswich City Bulls senior women's coach Ian Carson is looking forward to a new challenge.
CHARGING AHEAD: Newly-appointed Ipswich City Bulls senior women's coach Ian Carson is looking forward to a new challenge. David Nielsen

THE IPSWICH City Bulls are serious about their women's program, and the club have appointed a new man in charge to take them to the Brisbane Premier League.

Former Ipswich Knights senior coach Ian Carson will take the reins of the Bulls' senior women next season, after senior men's coach Norbert Duga came calling.

"Norbert rang me and said the club was looking at improving all aspects of the women's football program,” Carson said.

"When I caught up with some of the girls, I told them I'm not here to muck around, I'm fair dinkum.

"And if we're not fair dinkum, then I'm not the right person to coach them.”

Carson brings with him more than 35 years of senior football experience as both a player and coach.

He admitted taking over the Bulls' Capital League 1 women's team would be a new challenge, having had little experience in women's coaching.

But it is a challenge he looks forward to meeting in the New Year.

"We've had three pre-season runs so far, and we had about 20 players turn out,” Carson said.

"We've had a lot of interest from players outside the club. We haven't approached any players, they've approached us which is good.

"The word is out the Bulls are pretty serious about their women's program.”

Carson was keeping his cards close to his chest in regards to potential signings - although he did admit the search is on for a goalkeeper - but he did indicate anything but a top four finish next season "would be disappointing”.

"With the quality of players we have and are attracting, we should be finishing top four,” Carson predicted.

"In meetings with the girls they're just so keen, they're all jumping out of their skins (to get started).”

Carson confirmed there was an application submitted to be placed straight into the BPL, but he will not be disappointed if the team plays 2018 in Capital League 1.

"I believe the club's thinking is, we go into Cap 1 and earn our right to play in the BPL - start our own dynasty,” Carson said.

"The biggest thing these girls need to realise is the fitness required of them if they are to play in BPL.

"That means extra work outside of the two nights a week at training.

"We don't want to be 10 minutes short at the end of the season, or let teams get an early break on us.”

With an equal budget, support and sponsorship to the men's program, Carson is looking forward to leaving his mark on the Bulls.

"When Norbert called me, I was really excited to get started,” he said.

"I like to play an attacking style of football.

"Get the defence right, and score a lot of goals. That's what teams I've coached are all about.”

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