The Valleys impasse an avoidable low point

NO DOUBT it's a complicated matter and I don't pretend to know all the ins and outs (what with fines, gag orders and general mistrust all-round).

But if tonight's meeting at the Ipswich Rugby League really is the end for Lowood-Tarampa and Rosewood senior rugby league teams it is a tragedy.

A tragedy because it is a situation that should have been easily avoided.

For my own benefit I've tried to simplify it and the more I do, the more I feel saddened it has come to this.

Here's what we know:

The IRL and QRL want a strong, sustainable country club in the region that encompasses Lowood, Rosewood and Laidley.

On their own, none has a realistic prospect of producing an A grade team.

Rosewood and Lowood-Tarampa want to retain their own club identities.

Lots of players are loyal to the Stags and Roosters with no ambition to play at a higher level.

Players who want to play at a higher level have to leave their area to do so.

The one solution to keep everyone happy is for the clubs to each retain a senior team in the IRL lower divisions, while encouraging their ambitious players to join the Dragons.

I will no doubt be bombarded with arguments from both sides as to why it can't happen.

But Redbank Plains and Springfield have shown it is possible with the creation of the composite Eastern Cobras club, which exists in harmony with the Bears and Panthers.

The reason behind the success is the clubs and governing bodies working together.

Many at the Stags and Roosters saw the Valleys as a threat to their clubs' existence.

The instinct was to fight and concede no ground at any cost.

The result of their pride and obstinacy is their impending extinction.

The IRL and QRL are not without blame either, but finger pointing won't help anyone now.

Hostilities must cease otherwise everyone is worse off, if it's not already too late.

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