The pain of tattoo removal

SO YOU stumbled into a tattoo parlour, proclaimed your love for a fleeting fling - and had their name etched on your forearm.

Names of former partners are among the most common tattoos removed by dermatologists, followed by an array of symbols chosen for their style rather than their meaning.

This week, a reformed skinhead became an international headline after he endured months of pain to erase the racist tattoos on his face.

Byron Widner, a founder of the US Vinlanders skinhead gang, had 16 months of laser surgery on tattoos that made him a pariah - swastikas, a blood soaked razor and "HATE" on his knuckles.

Widner is an extreme case, and dermatologists will generally use laser treatments on ink that is more innocuous.

Dr Terence Poon, of the Neutral Bay Laser and Dermatology Clinic, said he mainly removes tattoos of names, followed by tribal arm bands, butterflies and flowers.



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