The Great Australian Storybook Collection

The kids will go bananas over this one

TRYING to get your friends and family to eat fruit and vegetables can be difficult and Brian the piranha is quickly learning it.

He's up against centuries of tradition as he attempts to introduce beans and peas and bananas and more healthy goodies into their diet, but his friends aren't so convinced.

Find out what happens in this hilarious Aussie children's book, Piranhas Don't Eat Bananas, when you grab a copy for just $2.30 with the paper today.

This is the third book in our Great Australian Storybook Collection and there are 15 in total to collect over the next two weeks.

Coming up with the Queensland Times tomorrow is Time for Bed.

Here are the 15 books to collect:

Sunday, July 23 - Possum Magic + Collector's Case (The Sunday Mail)

Monday, July 24 - The Wonky Donkey (QT)

Tuesday, July 25- Piranha's Don't Eat Bananas (QT)

Wednesday, July 26- Time for Bed (QT)

Thursday, July 27 - I Went Walking (QT)

Friday, July 28 - Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge (QT)

Saturday, July 29 - Pig the Pug (QT)

Sunday, July 30 - The Very Cranky Bear (The Sunday Mail)

Monday, July 31- There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Mozzie (QT).

Tuesday, August 1- This & That (QT)

Wednesday, August 2 - Tales from the Gum Tree (QT) *Warwick change to The Courier-Mail

Thursday, August 3 - The Magic Hat (QT)

Friday, August 4 - Pig the Fibber (QT)

Saturday, August 5- Waltzing Matilda (MASTHEAD)

Sunday, August 6 - Wombat Stew (The Sunday Mail)

Collect your books from participating newsagencies, Woolworths and IGAs.

For more information, head to

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