Who needs Christmas at the beach to have a good time?
Who needs Christmas at the beach to have a good time? Belitas

The joys of spending Christmas at home

ONE thing that people often say to me at this time of year is 'Are you going away for Christmas Dazza?'

The answer is always the same. 'Nope. No way Jose.'

Call me a tightwad or a Grinch if you like, but truth is that for what you pay for a unit by the sea at this time of year, equates to about six weeks at any other time of the year. Plus you don't have to put up with cashed-up Victorians all done up in their footy shirts and complaining about how 'the weather up here never changes'.

We all whinge about the price of fruit, petrol and Garden Gnomes (or is that just me?) going up during the 'silly season' yet we all just accept outrageous price hikes in holiday accommodation.

Well I say nay, nay and thrice nay. I refuse to pay your demands Mister Hotel Owner. You can go jump in a puddle and sing 'Food Glorious Food' for all I care before I'll consider paying $2500 a week for a unit that doesn't even have Foxtel.

I'm quite happy to stay home and jump in my car if I want to enjoy the plethora of things to do in South East Queensland, and what a variety of things there are to do.

Theme parks, National parks, the Lockyer Valley and the Scenic Rim are just a handful of great places to see within a short drive from 'The Swich'.

Life is so busy these days that home is the one place that most of us never get enough time at. We have machines to wash dishes, clothes, record our tv shows and even a creepy thingy that cleans the pool while you sleep. Yes, I'm easily impressed I know. Yet here we are with no time for ourselves! What happened? Was life meant to be this busy?

I wonder how people in the Middle Ages would have got on if they didn't have to spend half their day by a river bashing their clothes with a rock? Maybe they'd have had more time to go pillaging and invading other nations if they had a Fisher & Paykel 10kg front loader in their shack and a Breville Jaffle Maker to feed their 12 children.

Now there's something to think about.

I remember a year or so ago I interviewed Grant Denyer, a man who spent several years travelling the length and breadth of this big red nation as he presented the weather from places that most of us only dream of.

I asked him 'What's your favourite place in Australia?'

He said 'Home. It's the one place I wanted to be.'

So at this time of year, no matter what you're doing, spare a thought for those who have to work or travel great distances to get home for the holidays.

Especially spare a thought for retail workers, who by 5pm on Christmas Eve have worked their butts off for 6 weeks straight, only to be told to be at work at dawn on Boxing Day to get ready for a big day's trading. Meanwhile the CEO's of these big retailers are holidaying on a boat in the Whitsundays and enjoying their bonus for coming up with the idea of 'Boxing Day Sales'. Boooo!

With two teenage children I'll be home enjoying watching them draw up Christmas present lists as long as their arm, having me drive them here there and everywhere to see their friends, and cleaning up after them because for some reason teenagers are missing a part of the brain that thinks it's perfectly okay to leave apple cores festering in their own juices on a bedroom floor for up to a week.

Yup, great to home.


Ummm. Can anyone tell me the best website for last minute 'couple only' accommodation deals?

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