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BRAGGING rights will be on the line when Ipswich Indoor Sports Centre joins in their first summer series challenge event on at Toombul on Sunday.

For the first time, four centres, each with 14 different teams across three sports, will compete on the same day for points to determine the top indoor sports centre in southeast Queensland.

The four-round event will see Ipswich take on Toowoomba, Toombul and Wynnum in indoor netball, cricket and soccer.

At the completion of the series in February, the centre with the highest combined points score will be crowned the top all-sports centre.

Ipswich manager Kevin Ala-Outinen said the series would help bring the local indoor sports community closer together.

"Normally players play on separate nights, so they don't get to interact much," Ala-Outinen said.

"What we hope to achieve from the series is a closer indoor sport community here in Ipswich.

"It brings together players in different sports on the same day, all working towards the same goal."

The program isn't aimed at current premier league players although some are expected to participate.

Some existing players will use the events to try their hand at alternative sports.

"It's something a little bit different and gives a lot of our in-house players a chance to represent the centre," Ala-Outinen said.

"We have plenty of players happy to step up and have a go.

"All up, there are six netball teams, four soccer and four cricket teams

"A few guys are crossing over and playing a different sport as well."

Ipswich will host round two of the series on December 9 and Ala-Outinen is hopeful the home teams can set a standard for others to follow.

"It's a big event, it will run from 8am to about 8pm," he said.

"I will be good to see how we go against the other centres.

"We'd love to say we can win it all but being our first time, it's a big unknown."

The series comes at the conclusion of another successful winter season where Ipswich teams performed well in the various super leagues.

The women's super league netball team won the title for the third consecutive year, finishing the season undefeated.

The men's 2 team also went through their super league season without losing a game, while the women's indoor cricket side also enjoyed grand final glory.

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