Adam Bandt is the new leader of the Australian Greens. Picture Gary Ramage
Adam Bandt is the new leader of the Australian Greens. Picture Gary Ramage

The Greenies just don’t give a damn


THE Bureau of Statistics estimates about 40,000 people are employed in the coal industry. There are possibly thousands more in ancillary industries dependent on coal.

The Greens and climate change demonstrators who want the coal industry shut down should tell us what they expect these fellow workers do for a living.

They have families to support, mortgages to pay, credit cards to pay off and food to put on the table.

Obviously these no hopers couldn't care less.

The billions of dollars the industry brings to our economy will stop.

Will Adam Bandt take a 50 per cent drop in his salary and these other so called scientists that live on government grants take a reduction in their generous incomes?

Not likely, but they happily want others to lose their incomes.

Obviously these clowns who go around whining about climate change don't give a damn about the impact their demands have on peoples lives.



Nuclear reaction

FOR those who think we should turn to nuclear power, just reflect for a moment on the reckless disregard of this Liberal National government and their lack of preparedness for the catastrophic bushfires by ignoring advice of fire experts and many reports from government departments.

Now think of how they would manage in the event of a cataclysmic accident at a nuclear power plant.

Scary thought?



Urban sprawl

BERNARD Salt has developed over recent years into some sort of soothsaying property oracle, apparently.

What I read of him comes across as more of a property flim flam man, but I do stand to be corrected.

Regarding Felicity Ripper's article "Growth calls for funding" (Daily, February 10).

Like Bernard Salt, it doesn't in any real way identify what funding and for what purpose?

We are left with making assumptions and presumptions about what should be funded, by which level of government, and for what.

That seems strange, particularly as to the central premise of a stated basis for increased mayoral advocacy.

But it has to said that if Bernard Salt's claims are true, then exactly why is this only a "good case to lobby the State and Federal Government" by Mayor Mark Jamieson?

Compare Mr Salt's comments to Cr Jamieson's recently sworn vow to "fight urban sprawl".

They couldn't be more opposite.

Bernard says "more land should be rezoned".

He says "earlier projections" of "410,000 residents by 2031" … but this figure was now expected to be 437,000".

The whole article says more "urban sprawl" is projected and required and only Cr Jamieson should "lobby for more funding".

If that is the agenda, and the proposed planning, how can anyone have any faith at all in Cr Jamieson's "urban sprawl" epiphany?

DON INNES, Sunshine Coast Council mayoral candidate


Users pay

ISN'T the Federal Government wonderful?

All renewable power by 2050 when most of the other developed countries are aiming at 2030.

Twenty years for Australia to sink further into the chaos of violent weather events, rising sea levels, polluted air and water.

Where will we all be in 2050?

I'll be long gone from this damaged Earth that is screaming at homo sapiens (a misnomer if ever there was one - homo stupido would be more appropriate) to wake up.

Leaving it to politicians and our coal loving Prime Minster is ignoring our individual responsibilities to take action in our lives to save wild environments and decrease pollution. Start by considering population.

Paul Keating said "user pays": what would be your family's debt if you had to pay rates per person?


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