Thank you to organisers behind great competition

Firestation 101
Firestation 101

I WOULD like to take this opportunity to thank the people at Firestation 101 on Limestone Stfor hosting the 2017 GovHack competition, which was also proudly sponsored by the Ipswich City Council. For those of you who are unaware, GovHack involves competitors using "open data" from various levels of government and their associated organisations to improve our society.

They have 48 hours to deliver a prototype.

It was my first time to the Firestation 101 venue and I was very impressed by the facility and the people involved.

The Ipswich branch of this international competition hosted seven teams and it really showcased just how creative, talented and highly skilled the Ipswich community is.

As a competitor, I had a wonderful time and met many friendly people. I also cannot speak highly enough of the conveners and organisers who really looked after us over the weekend.

If this event and its competitors are anything to go by, Ipswich is a city that has a very bright future..



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