Now honorary Queenslanders.
Now honorary Queenslanders.

Thank you to cleaners

WE are, we are…. Queenslanders!

My family and I need to publicly thank everyone including the holidaying tourists and the new ex-pat who were honorary Queenslanders for a day or two.

You gave up your weekend for a filthy, dirty, heart-breaking task of helping the inundated.

Everyone, stinking from the thick, sticky mud, with a smile, a joke or a pat on the shoulder, seemed happy to be there; also, the camaraderie of the homeowners all working towards undoing this dreadful thing.

My husband's work mates and wives and a father-in-law from Fieldings Foundry, Hemmet; Graham Keidge and his Rotary mates and the Tambourine Village Lions helped out in David and Selwyn streets, North Booval.

When thank you isn't enough, but all I have to give.

A special thank you to Kevin who worked like a Trojan and left us to find someone else who needed him more when ours was under control.

Kevin is an amputee.

In place of his right arm he fashioned a strap which he put over his stump and shoulder then looped it around the wheelbarrow handle.

With his left arm and hand to steady and guide it, Kevin trundled the barrow off to the growing pile of mushy, smelly carpet and gyprock.

Another special thank you to the water boys and girls who kept everyone hydrated and the sausage sizzlers and the two little girls who handed out pieces of quiche they had made themselves.

You are a credit to your parents and to all the parents who used this tragedy to teach their kids Australianism.

It was really inspiring seeing the Gallipoli spirit of mateship is alive and well in today's Australians.

Our new Australians where ever you are from, you have now been baptized into our Queensland.

Never give up/get up again each time you are knocked down attitude that has made this state and this country great.

Thank you for your help as well. This is now a part of you. Remember it.

To all the people around Australia and Queensland who gave so generously of your money and your time, thank you also.

I am humbled by your wholehearted giving without hesitation; especially the little boy who felt the jar of coins he had saved was not enough but was all he had.

You broke my heart. God bless you all.

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