Thagoona man joins the race for Division 4 councillor

THAGOONA resident Shane Blake recently announced his candidacy for Division 4 in the upcoming Ipswich City Council election.

Mr Blake, who was in the defence force, decided to run as a Division 4 councillor because he wanted to give back to the community.

"A lot needs to be done in the community and I've talking to people and there are roads that need to be updated and facilities that need to be upgraded as well," Mr Blake said.

"There is not a lot happening in the area that I live - I live in Thagoona and spend a lot of time out in Rosewood as well."

Mr Blake said that one of the things that annoyed him was the council funds going to waste.

"You see money going to waste and there is better ways to be spending that money," Mr Blake said.

"I'd really like to see roads improved for the community and trying to get more funds to do that."

Mr Blake, who is running as an independent, has lived in Ipswich for nine years now and before that travelled around a lot while with the defence force.

He said that local government should be most free from any political influence.

"In general I think council should be independent of all political parties and in the past I think that has been the problem," Mr Blake said.

Mr Blake currently works in disability support and works closely to organise employment for people with disabilities.

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