Tesla's lithium-ion-powered tiny house on display in Ipswich

IPSWICH City Council is hosting the Tesla Tiny House this week as part of a public education campaign on how to generate, store and use renewable energy in the home.

Towed by the all-electric Tesla Model X vehicle, Tiny House will be on display at Orion Springfield Central (located in Town Walk, outside the Cotton On store) from 18-21 June.

Energy experts will answer any questions about how Tesla's energy products can help to sustainably power your home, protect you from outages and reduce your energy bills.

The Tiny House is on a national tour, having recently been in Melbourne.

It heads to Brisbane after four days in Ipswich.

Acting Mayor Wayne Wendt said tiny homes had the potential to provide a low-cost alternative to expensive terrace housing, although council did not have a specific policy on the introduction of such accommodation in Ipswich.

"The challenge for council planners is that these types of housing are not always in the best locations and sometimes lack convenient access to public transport and other services and are therefore not truly affordable when considering the complete costs of housing," he said.

"Given the potential affordability of tiny homes, our preference would be to link them to good locations and services, such as transport and education and therefore locate them within walking distance to facilities."

Economic Development and Digital City Committee chairman Paul Tully said the tiny house concept provided smart city options for environmentally sustainable housing.

"The Tesla Tiny House is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery designed to enable self-consumption of solar power and reduce reliance on the grid, as well as for full home backup, load shifting and other grid service applications," he said.

"You can calculate how your home can generate clean energy from the sun using solar panels and store it to use throughout the day and night," he said.

For further information, visit: www.tesla.com/teslatinyhouse

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