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Local knowledge is good for more than finding the best fishing spots. Increasingly, employers are seeing the value in hiring local staff and drawing on their relationship with their community.

It's one of those rare situations where everyone wins. Employers get staff who, as well as knowing the job, know the region in which they are working, the people and issues that move the region forward and those that stall progress.

For staff it means a positive work-life balance is that much easier to attain. If you can cut out two hours of daily commuting, you've freed up about around 500 hours a year. You're also contributing to the place where you live - your efforts benefit your community.

The broader community wins with its people engaged and contributing to their region.

It's not always going to be possible to hire locally - in industries where a specific skill set is required it might well be impossible to find those skills in the local talent pool but there remain plenty of opportunities for businesses to employ locals.

Local government is a perfect example. Looking further than the actual councillors, who should absolutely always be locals, building a council team of local expertise means staff can apply their professional knowledge with a contextual understanding of how decisions will impact on the region.

Take, for example, Lismore in NSW's Northern Rivers. The city and its surrounds are the geographic centre of a growing, prosperous region with a diverse and creative community. To meet the needs of the people and the region itself the council needs the right staff.

General manager Gary Murphy said Lismore City Council was always trying to attract skilled, passionate people and said there were lots of reasons why staff loved working for council.

"Our staff are very community minded and in that sense there is a degree of job satisfaction because you are helping others and trying to make the region better for everyone," Mr Murphy said.

"I know that lots of our outdoor staff appreciate the support and training they have access to in order to further their qualifications. We believe strongly in helping people to continue to learn new skills and achieve their best.

"For planners and engineers and many other staff, I think they love the variety of work.''

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