Teens flock to experience 'healing' faith for themselves

Bill Johnson listens as people tell of being healed at his service at Nexus Church in Brisbane.
Bill Johnson listens as people tell of being healed at his service at Nexus Church in Brisbane.

BILL Johnson describes himself as a 'very well seasoned teenager'.

And the 62-year-old is certainly attracting a lot of them as he speaks about bringing hope to a 'fatherless generation'.

Hundreds lined up for hours to hear the Californian-based based teacher, author and healing evangelist speak at a Brisbane church on Monday night.

Many in the 1750-strong crowd were young people attracted to the fifth generation pastor's teachings about 'encountering God' for themselves - and having the faith to pray for healings for others.

An inherent part of Johnson's teaching is 'treasure hunting' where people go through a town or shopping centre and ask God to show them people who may need encouragement or healing.

The practice has already made headlines in Brisbane - as well as YouTube postings as people tell of experiencing 'liquid love', a warm sensation, and healing.

Johnson is senior pastor of the Bethel Church in Redding California which is home to the popular Jesus Culture music group.

At the end of Monday night's service, dozens of people indicated they had been healed after being prayed for, for head trauma, knee and back injuries, hearing loss, and other ailments.

Others were not healed but Johnson said some did not receive their healing straight away but days later.

Johnson himself never laid a hand on anyone, instead encouraging those in the crowd to pray for others.

One woman said she had a skiing accident 17 years ago and had suffered pain in her knees for years.

"This lady over here prayed for me and now I can bend my knee,'' she said, demonstrating it to the crowd. She said all her pain was gone.

A young man told of how he had hearing problems in both ears after listening to loud music for years.

He said his hearing in one ear began to clear as he was being prayed for. "When people were clapping it was actually becoming quite painful,'' the man said.

He said his right ear was still blocked but as he came forward to tell the crowd of what had happened, it cleared.

Another man with torn ACL ligaments in his knees said he felt something as Johnson clapped his hand while calling for those with the ailment to be prayed for.

"I felt warm water flowing through both my knees,'' the man said.

Part of the crowd lining up to hear Bill Johnson speak at Nexus Church.
Part of the crowd lining up to hear Bill Johnson speak at Nexus Church.

Johnson told the crowd at the Nexus Church that it was not good enough to have just a 'text book' knowledge of Christ, but people should experience God's love and power for themselves.

Johnson spent much of his message encouraging Christians to show love - not judgment to the world.

He cited the example of Christ offering forgiveness to an adulterous woman who the crowd wanted to stone.

He said the gospel was best demonstrated, rather than taught.

"It is encountering the truth which tenderises us.''

He said just as Christ taught his disciples to go out and pray for the sick, modern Christians should do the same.

"He came to a planet of orphans to reveal the Father,'' Johnson said of Christ.

He said many of the problems of modern life stemmed from people not having good fathers at home.

"You and I have been given the privilege of showing the world the Father.

"Regardless of how bad the father you had.''

"The world needs a father who loves us regardless of us.

"He is glad to spend time with us no matter.''

Johnson said as a father, God wanted good things for his children, including healing.

"How many of you as parents, if you could fix a problem of your child, you would do it in a heartbeat.''

Bill Johnson is speaking at Nexus church again at 7pm Tuesday. Doors open at 6.30pm and people are advised to get there early to line up for a seat.

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