Kiyarna Manning is on the mend.
Kiyarna Manning is on the mend.

Teen’s recovery on right track after horrific speedway crash

THE TEENAGE girl involved in a serious speedway crash could be sent home to continue her recovery this week and is desperate to one day return to the track.

Kiyarna Manning, 17, was airlifted to Princess Alexandra Hospital earlier this month after crashing her kart during a race at the Lockyer Valley Speedway in Gatton.

The trauma from her head hitting a steel pole caused her to seizure and she also broke her nose, a few teeth and a shoulder blade.

An initial CT scan showed there to be small amount of bruising and blood on her brain.

Mum Larissa said she is now out of the hospital's High Dependency Unit and was eating on her own as well as walking with the assistance of a physiotherapist.

There were fears her personality and memory would be effected but she is only suffering from post-traumatic amnesia.

"Each day she's taking a few more steps," Mrs Manning said.

"She's talking fine. Her long term memory is fine. She's determined to still race and wants to even race this weekend.

"We said no to that. She's one tough little girl."

Kiyarna could be discharged this week and return home, while continuing her rehabilitation at the Queensland Children's Hospital.

"(Doctors) are still doing testing," Mrs Manning said.

"There's a few balance issues but I'm sure with the way she's progressing, I think she will be walking on her own in no time.

"She's progressed well and very quickly.

"She's determined to get better and determined to get back into racing and go watch all the speedway racing which she loves doing.

"She just needs a break to heal completely and properly and then look into it further down the track."

The Mannings has received messages of support from all around the world and Kiyarna has a big pile of gifts from family, friends and well wishers beside her hospital bed.

She even received a parcel from the United States.

LifeFlight paramedic Anthony Clark, who was involved in airlifting her to Brisbane, also visited her to over the weekend check up on her.

"She's a very strong and determined girl," Mrs Manning said.

Mrs Manning was in her kart ready to start her race the moment her daughter was involved in a horrific crash.

Kiyarna clipped a kart that spun out in front of her and her own vehicle veered off the track and up a concrete wall.

Her head struck a steel pole at the edge of the wall.

The kart somersaulted for metres down the track and she was thrown from the kart.

"I was the race after her," Mrs Manning said.

"(Husband) Shane and (son Kallan) still have it replaying in their heads constantly.

"(Kiyarna) doesn't recall racing at all that. It happened in her second heat. She doesn't even recall the first heat.

"It's probably for the best."

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